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Through this document, Guberri Futures 2010 S.L. regulates the terms and conditions for use of the following web pages:

(hereinafter, the Website), of which it is the controlling party.

Owner's information

Name: Guberri Futures 2010 S.L.

Tax ID (NIF): B20788709

Address: Paseo de Lugaritz, 27 bajo. 20018, San Sebastián – Gipuzkoa, España

Public Registry: Volume: 1990 Book: 0 Folio: 52 Sheet: SS-2163 2nd inscription 2ª

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The User's use of the Website implies express, unconditional acceptance of these Terms and Conditions (hereinafter, Conditions), which will govern the parties. If users do not accept these conditions, we recommend that they do not use this Website.

Website purpose and field of application

These Terms and Conditions regulate User use of the Website. These conditions may be modified in every aspect by Guberri Futures 2010 S.L. Changes to these conditions will be published and/or communicated to Users through available means. The modified conditions will apply from the moment they enter into effect.

Notwithstanding the prior, the use and/or requesting of certain products/content may be subject to specific conditions, which will be duly communicated to Users. Specific conditions will take precedence over the General Terms and Conditions.

Users are considered to be those browsing the Website.

Open access is provided to the Website, and its content is free of charge. However, using the Website means that the user accepts and assumes the responsibilities of the Conditions stipulated here.

As the Website's controlling party, Guberri Futures 2010 S.L. is able to suspend, modify, restrict, or interrupt third-party use of the Website without the need for prior notification, and without providing compensation of any kind.

Website terms of use

Users may use the Website as long as they respect these Conditions and laws in effect.

Under no circumstance may the Website be accessed and/or used for illegal or unauthorised purposes. In particular, prohibited actions include but are not limited to:

illegal use of the Website that goes against public order, good faith, and ethics;

actions that may have the intention of distributing any threatening, offensive, racist, or xenophobic information, images, or materials, etc.

actions with the purpose stealing the identity of third parties, and/or producing confusion regarding the User's identity.

spreading, installing, propagating, etc. any virus, malware, harmful files, etc. that attempt to, or succeed in breaking down the Website's security measures, as well as activities (hacking, falsification, etc.) that attempt to access servers, connected network systems, and/or areas of the Website where Users access is denied;

actions that may damage and/or interrupt the Website's functionality, including activities that overwhelm the Website's infrastructure.

Guberri Futures 2010 S.L. reserves the right to take action, legal or otherwise, against those who do not comply with the Website's Terms of Use.

Website intellectual and industrial property rights

Guberri Futures 2010 S.L. is the owner of, and/or has the corresponding usage licenses corresponding to the Website's industrial and intellectual property rights use and exploitation, including all content (images, videos, illustrations, logos, brands, texts, etc.) included therein. Guberri Futures 2010 S.L. reserves all industrial and intellectual property rights of the Website's content.

In no case may Website access and use be understood as a transfer, license, waiving, or cessation (total or partial) of the rights of Guberri Futures 2010 S.L. to the User and/or third parties. User and/or third-party rights are restricted to the use of the Website's content during browsing.

Neither Users nor third parties may use the brands, logos, commercial names, or any other distinguishing sign that is found on the Website without prior express written consent from the owner.

Likewise, modifying, copying, reproducing, communicating, publishing, transforming, and/or distributing all or part of the content included on the Website is prohibited, regardless of the purpose. The only exception to this restriction is granted with prior express written authorisation from the rights holder.

Likewise, Guberri Futures 2010 S.L. also prohibits the modification and/or manipulation of any of the Website's content.

Website content may not be extracted manually or through any other technique by third parties.

If Users and/or third parties provide information to the Website, they are responsible for ensuring that said information does not infringe on any third-party right, for example: intellectual property, commercial secrets, confidentiality, etc. If not, Users and/or third parties will be responsible, and Guberri Futures 2010 S.L. will be free from any responsibility.

If Users and/or third parties are aware of the existence of any content that is against the law or implies an infraction of industrial and/or intellectual property rights, they must immediately notify Guberri Futures 2010 S.L. thereof.

Website links

Links to other web pages may appear on the Website in different forms (links, banners, buttons, etc.). Guberri Futures 2010 S.L. would like to inform Users that these links are managed by third parties. For this reason, Guberri Futures 2010 S.L. assumes no responsibility for any question associated with these linked web pages.

The inclusion of links on the Website does not imply any relationship, collaboration, or any other type of association between Guberri Futures 2010 S.L. and the web page owner/controlling party.

If Users discover that the content and/or activities of these third-party web pages are contrary to the law, public order, or ethics, Guberri Futures 2010 S.L. must be notified immediately.

Website guarantees and responsibilities

Guberri Futures 2010 S.L. works to ensure that the Website's content is always reliable and true, however, it cannot guarantee that this standard is always met, even when all necessary measures within its range of possibilities are adopted to guarantee the Website's proper functionality and content.

For this reason, Guberri Futures 2010 S.L. will not be held responsible for:

the full and continuous availability of the Website, its content, services, etc.

the Website being free from errors.

the Website being free from viruses or other harmful systems.

the Website's vulnerability.

If Users discover that the Website's content is contrary to laws in effect and/or there are service failures or viruses, Guberri Futures 2010 S.L. must be notified immediately so that we can adopt the appropriate measures to resolve the issue.

Website Personal Data Processing (Data Protection)

Guberri Futures 2010 S.L. would like to inform Users that the personal data protection policy is governed by this Website's Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy, which is part of these Terms and Conditions.


Both the use of the Website, as well as contracts derived therefrom, are governed by Spanish law.

Disputes that are derived from, or are related to the use of the Website or the contracts derived therefrom will be resolved in the courts of the city of San Sebastian – Spain.